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    The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a historic mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. It was built in the period from 1609 to 1616, during the rule of Ahmed I. Its premises contains a tomb of the founder, a madrasah and a hospice. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is still actively used as a mosque.

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    The Hagia Sophia, one of the historical architectural wonders that still remains standing today, has an important place in the architecture world with its complexity, grandness and functionality.

    Hagia Sophia is a former Christian patriarchal basilica (church), later an imperial mosque, followed by a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi) and became a mosque yet again in 2020. From the date of its construction in 537 until 1453, it served as an Orthodox cathedral and seat of the Patriarch of Constantinople, except between 1204 and 1261, when it was converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Latin Empire. The building was a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1931. It was then secularized and opened as a museum on 1 February 1935.

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    Also known as the Sunken Palace, it was used as the water reservoir for the Byzantine Great Palace during the reign of Justinian in 532. Underground structure fascinates with domed spaces, column reflections of the water surface under the labyrinth of sturdy pathways.

    There are 336 columns supporting a cathedral ceiling and some of them were taken from torn-down temples. The interior of the building has special dim lighting and classical music is played to create an eerie atmosphere.

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    The Grand Bazaar (Turkish: Kapalıçarşı, meaning ‘Covered Market’; also Büyük Çarşı, meaning ‘Grand Market’) in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily.

    In 2014, it was listed No.1 among the world's most-visited tourist attractions with 91,250,000 annual visitors. The Grand Bazar at Istanbul is often regarded as one of the first shopping malls of the world.

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    Topkapı Palace and Harem (Topkapı Sarayı) are likely to have more colourful stories than most of the world's museums put together. Mightful sultans, ambitious courtiers, beautiful concubines and compliant eunuchs lived and worked here between the 15th and 19th centuries when it was the court of the Ottoman empire. A visit to the palace's opulent pavilions, jewel-filled Treasury and sprawling Harem gives a fascinating glimpse into their lives.

    Topkapı Palace Museum has large collections of porcelain, robes, weapons, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts as well as other Ottoman treasures and jewellery. Visit the Palace Treasury that holds a fascinating collection of the world’s most famous and spectacular jewels including the famous Topkapı Dagger.

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    The Suleymaniye Mosque, built on the order of Sultan Suleyman (Suleyman the Magnificent), "was fortunate to be able to draw on the talents of the architectural genius of Mimar Sinan" The construction work began in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1558.

    The mosque is engineered in part on the style of a Byzantine basilica, particularly the Hagia Sophia, which was perhaps a conscious move on the part of the sultan to create a continuity and a symbolic connection with the city's past.

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    Roman monumental column was built for Roman emperor Constantine the Great to commemorate the dedication of Constantinople on 11 May 330 AD. Built c. 328 AD. It is the oldest Constantinian monument in Istanbul and it stood in the centre of the Forum of Constantine.

    The column's top is 34.8 m above the present-day ground level. The column shaft itself is composed of very large porphyry column drums set on a white marble pedestal that is no longer visible.

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    The Roman Hippodrome in Istanbul, Turkey, served as an ancient racetrack where historical chariot races, major social events and athletic competitions were held. It was decorated with the Egyptian Obelisk and other famous columns along its spina, a raised central platform used to divide the race track. Its construction began in 203 by the Emperor Septimus Severus and it was subsequently enlarged by Constantine the Great. According to one estimation, it had a capacity for an audience of 100,000 people. It was approximately 429 meters long and 119 meters wide in an oval formation.

    The Hippodrome itself is a large green open-air park and there are 4 important monuments in its central area to see: The Egyptian Obelisk, The Serpentine’s Column, The Column of Constantine and The German Fountain.

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